Health & Safety is ‘rightly’ a priority at the forefront of the service we provide. As a busy organisation we send, receive, analyse, report, action and store a large volume of information between our Operatives, Contract Managers and Directors.

Traditionally this was carried out using ‘paper’ systems to manually relay information to keep track of reported incidents, accidents, training, risk assessments, critical Health & Safety data.This produces a great deal of paper and moving this paper causes delay.

We wanted to find a solution that could centralise Health and Safety data across all our construction projects in the UK.

Our main objective was to improve the ease, quality, access and speed of Health & Safety information, while reducing complexity and data duplication.

With this objective in mind, we sought a solution with three key requirements;

1. A system must be able to function quickly and easily across many locations.

2. Solution needed to provide managers and operatives with accessibility to all levels of Health & Safety data.

3. Allow all our managers to have real-time information, allowing them more time to make better decisions.

A flexible Cloud based ESH Website and App Package has been introduced that allows all site based workers to receive information and to carry out audits, inspections and other crucial duties paperless and in real-time. Managers can monitor compliance using dashboards and make interventions to reduce risk and ensure better compliance.

The system allows us to customise the system in areas that are specific to the way in which we carry out Audits, Inspections, Training compliance and hazard reporting.

Our staff is now able to able to carry out pre-start hazard awareness via tablet, report potential hazards to the management to force actions. All employee’s can track their training compliance with real-time information available

One of the biggest benefits identified was the functionality and accessibility. The ease of use and ability to access all Health and Safety data in through the software and across all our projects proved to be crucial.

A bi-product is less reliance on paper which can never be a bad thing for the planet.