Environment, Safety & Health

We all have a duty of care to look after ourselves and those working with us which is why we approach Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) through personal commitment and individual empowerment as everyone has a right to go home safe every day.

Each individual has a part to play in keeping our workplaces safe and one of the most effective ways we can do this is by being aware of the risks around us and taking necessary and immediate action. It is why we actively encourage our employees to regularly assess their working environments and report any identified risks as they arise.

A key criterion of ours is to encourage a culture of care and mutual respect by strengthening relationships between our management and operatives.

Our comprehensive H&S Management System is accessible to all employees as we operate high ESH standards whilst continually raising this profile within our company. We are committed to working closely with our Clients in reducing the number of near misses, incidents and accidents year on year.

Our keys elements of this are:

Make it Safe – Make it Home – Our Campaign Commitment

Our ‘Make it Safe – Make it home’ campaign has been implemented to ensure that every employee understands and embraces ESH as their top priority in every task they undertake.
Our campaign has been built on the foundation of our Incident and Injury Free (IIF) Behavioural Safety Programme, based on training, competency and responsibility.

Competency, Compliance and Training

All our employees receive regular in-house and external safety training; have a minimum of ECS, SMSTS and SSSTS certification. Individual employees attend specialist safety courses to suit their discipline or specific project requirements. We ensure that all operatives are technically approved and competent to carry out the tasks assigned to them.