Environment Policy Statement

Wingate believes that environmental issues are of great importance.

Consequently Wingate is committed to implementing and maintaining a BSI EN ISO 14001:2015 management system that delivers continual improvement, prevents pollution and demonstrates an environmentally friendly performance suited to the nature and scale of its activities, products and services.

These commitments are achieved by complying with the company’s procedure for the preparation of ‘Policy Statements – Issue & Review’ whereby this statement and the objectives and targets are aligned to relevant specifications by:

  • Complying and whenever appropriate exceeding legal requirements, relevant standards and practices plus all applicable Network Rail (NR) and London Underground Ltd (LUL) disciplines (on Rail Projects)
  • Maintaining documentation and records, including management review minutes, that support implementation and maintenance of these objectives
  • Communicating, briefing and training both Wingate personnel and those working for the company in our environmental objectives, systems and actions appropriate to their activities and interaction with Wingate.
  • Making this policy available to everyone via the company’s website www.wingate.co.uk
  • Regularly reviewing this policy, minimum annually, and when changes occur to relevant legislation, risk assessment, rules, regulations, specifications, contracts and changing work activities.
  • Continually striving to improve our environmental performance
  • Wingate will not communicate externally about its significant environmental aspects, unless specifically requested