Deptford Playgroup

Wingate recently carried out some work in our local community Deptford Playgroup, London, in conjunction with Lend Lease in on Saturday 30th October 2021.

The Community day went well on Saturday 30th November and lucky we had the playgroup and external roof cover to stay out of the rain 😊

The lights are that good the playgroup may be seen from outer space.

Installation of electrical works as follows:

1) Install 4 x  Waterproof IP65 LED Battens to canopy roof joist  system, switched via existing external light circuit;

2) Install external socket outlet, cabling to be routed to existing Spur within cupboard to the left hand side of roller shutter;

3) Install washing machine socket outlet in Electrical Intake Room below work top with switched isolator located above work top;

4) Replace 2no Childproof Socket covers in main play room area

5) Circuit to be protected with RCBO protection installed to Distribution Board;

6) Provide NICEIC Electrical Certification for new installations and any altered circuits.

Big thanks to our Wingate Engineers:

Alex Neal

Steve Page

Robin Wright

Quote from the Regional Director Darren Borg in relation to offering the support:

“We at Wingate have built our foundations from interacting with local communities across the UK and Scotland.

We firmly believe that engaging with the local community helps us in our pursuit of  supporting the ‘next generation’ and developing positive relationships.

Giving up some of our free time to help support local community initiatives; providing our expertise and knowledge in the electrical field is important to us in sharing our values, understanding others and genuinely motivates us as a positive experience and makes it easy to want to help where we can”

A great day and Wingate employees really enjoyed helping out.