Dial Wood Charity Support Work

Our team at Wingate in Leeds have supported Willmott Dixon at a local charity site.

A new external bib tap was installed to assist the charity with providing water for the horses they look after.


Willmott Dixon’s feedback:

“I would like to thank you again for your kind donation of labour and materials for Dial Wood on Friday 23rd September. When your guys (Paul and Archie) left, I stayed with Audrey for a short while and she was very emotional and grateful for the support. They have been there 24 years and been struggling ever since.

You have changed how this centre operates on a daily basis now by something we probably all take for granted these days and having this tap much closer to where it needs to be benefits the ponies as much as it does Audrey’s back!”


Thanks to our lads, Paul Godfrey and Archie Bonass who completed the project.